we sell all kinds of mobile phones at cheapest prices with discounts

gxsale02@yahoo.com(mobile phone)#2348053495248 we sell all kinds of mobile phones at cheapest prices with , and we also legit mobile phones company, we shipp through fedEX Expres shipping company, and for our customers geting there ordered items we will hereby refund there money back to them,this are the kinds of mobile phones we sell e.g nokia,motorola,sony ericsson,qtek,nek,sony,sagem,samsung,seimens sidekicks,ipods,laptops,mp3,and sendo,etc Nokia 1100 120usd Nokia 1101 120usd Nokia 1110 120usd Nokia 1110i120usd Nokia 1112 120usd Nokia 1600 120usd Nokia 2100 120usd Nokia 2300 120usd Nokia 2310 120usd Nokia 2600 120usd Nokia 2610 120usd Nokia 2650 120usd Nokia 2652 120usd Nokia 3100 170usd Nokia 3120 170usd Nokia 3200 170usd Nokia 3220 170usd Nokia 3230 220usd Nokia 3250 230usd Nokia 3300 240usd Nokia 3310 240usd Nokia 3410 240usd Nokia 3510i240usd Nokia 3650 240usd Nokia 3660 240usd Nokia 5100 245usd Nokia 5140 245usd Nokia 5140i245usd Nokia 5210 250usd Nokia 5500 250usd Nokia 6020 250usd Nokia 6021 250usd Nokia 6030 250usd Nokia 6060 255usd Nokia 6070 255usd Nokia 6080 255usd Nokia 6100 260usd Nokia 6101 260usd Nokia 6103 260usd Nokia 6111 260usd Nokia 6125 260usd Nokia 6131 260usd Nokia 6136 260usd Nokia 6151 260usd Nokia 6170 260usd Nokia 6220 260usd Nokia 6230 260usd Nokia 6230i265usd Nokia 6233 265usd Nokia 6260 265usd Nokia 6270 265usd Nokia 6280 265usd Nokia 6310i265usd Nokia 6600 270usd Nokia 6610 270usd Nokia 6610i270usd Nokia 6630 270usd Nokia 6650 270usd Nokia 6670 270usd Nokia 6680 270usd Nokia 6681 270usd Nokia 6800 270usd Nokia 6810 270usd Nokia 6820 270usd Nokia 6822 270usd Nokia 7200 270usd Nokia 7210 270usd Nokia 7250 270usd Nokia 7250i270usd Nokia 7260 270usd Nokia 7270 270usd Nokia 7280 270usd Nokia 7360 270usd Nokia 7370 270usd Nokia 7380 270usd Nokia 7600 275usd Nokia 7610 275usd Nokia 770 275usd Nokia 7710 275usd Nokia 8310 275usd Nokia 8800 275usd Nokia 8910 275usd Nokia 8910 275usd Nokia 9210 275usd Nokia 9210i280usd Nokia 9300 280usd Nokia 9300i280usd Nokia 9500 280usd Nokia E50 280usd Nokia E60 280usd Nokia E61 280usd Nokia E70 280usd Nokia N70 280usd Nokia N71 280usd Nokia N72 280usd Nokia N73 280usd Nokia N80 300usd Nokia N90 310usd Nokia N91 310usd Nokia N92 320usd Nokia N93 345usd Nokia N-Gage255usd Nokia N-Gage QD265usd BenQ-Siemens Mobile Phones BenQ-Siemens C81 100usd BenQ-Siemens CF61100usd BenQ-Siemens CL71100usd BenQ-Siemens E61 100usd BenQ-Siemens E71 110usd BenQ-Siemens E81 120usd BenQ-Siemens EF81130usd BenQ-Siemens EF91130usd BenQ-Siemens EL71140usd BenQ-Siemens M81 140usd BenQ-Siemens P51 150usd BenQ-Siemens Q-fi EF51150usd BenQ-Siemens S68 145usd BenQ-Siemens S81 160usd BenQ-Siemens S88 130usd BenQ-Siemens SL91120usd LG Mobile Phones LG 7050 130usd LG 7100 130usd LG B2050130usd LG C1200130usd LG C3300130usd LG Chocolate KG800130usd LG F2250130usd LG F2400130usd LG KG220130usd LG KG225130usd LG KG920130usd LG L343i130usd LG L5100130usd LG P7200130usd LG S5200130usd LG U300130usd LG U400130usd LG U8110130usd LG U8120130usd LG U8130130usd LG U8138130usd LG U8150130usd LG U8290130usd LG U8330130usd LG U8360v130usd LG U8380130usd LG U880130usd LG U890130usd Motorola Mobile Phones Motorola A1000260usd Motorola A780 160usd Motorola A835 220usd Motorola A920 230usd Motorola A925 180usd Motorola C350 130usd Motorola C385 130usd Motorola C550 125usd Motorola C650 130usd Motorola C975 140usd Motorola E1000175usd Motorola E1070175usd Motorola E365 180usd Motorola E398 180usd Motorola E550 180usd Motorola E770v180usd Motorola L2 175usd Motorola L6 170usd Motorola L7 175usd Motorola MPx200150usd Motorola MPx220140usd Motorola ROKR E1130usd Motorola T720i 150usd Motorola V1050 140usd Motorola V180 130usd Motorola V220 100usd Motorola V3 260usd Motorola V300 130usd Motorola V360 120usd Motorola V3i 230usd Motorola V3X 190usd Motorola V500 145usd Motorola V525 145usd Motorola V545 130usd Motorola V547 140usd Motorola V550 140usd Motorola V6 150usd Motorola V600 140usd Motorola V620 130usd Motorola V635 130usd Motorola V80 130usd Motorola V975 130usd Motorola V980 150usd NEC Mobile Phones NEC 343i 120usd NEC e101 120usd NEC e122 120usd NEC e228 120usd NEC e313 120usd NEC e338 130usd NEC e606 130usd NEC e616 130usd NEC e808Y130usd NEC N223i140usd NEC N22i 140usd NEC N341i130usd NEC N343i130usd NEC N400i130usd NEC N401i130usd NEC N410i130usd NEC N411i130usd NEC N412i160usd O2 Mobile Phones O2 X1 145usd O2 X1i140usd O2 X2 140usd O2 X3 140usd O2 X4 140usd O2 XDA 2s140usd O2 XDA Exec 130usd O2 XDA Mini 140usd O2 XDA2 145usd Orange Mobile Phones Orange SPV C500 130usd Orange SPV C550 130usd Orange SPV C600 130usd Orange SPV M1500130usd Orange SPV M2000130usd Orange SPV M3100130usd Orange SPV M500 130usd Orange SPV M5000130usd Orange SPV M600 130usd Panasonic Mobile Phones Panasonic GD55 130usd Panasonic GD67 130usd Panasonic GD87 130usd Panasonic VS2 130usd Panasonic VS3 130usd Panasonic VS6 130usd Panasonic X500 130usd Panasonic X70 130usd Philips Mobile Phones Philips 355 130usd Philips 960 130usd Philips S800130usd Sagem Mobile Phones Sagem MY100X 130usd Sagem MY201X 130usd Sagem MY300X 130usd Sagem MY400X 130usd Sagem MY405X 140usd Sagem MY501X 140usd Sagem MY700X 140usd Sagem MYC-1 140usd Sagem MYC2-3 140usd Sagem MYC-3 140usd Sagem MYC3-2 140usd Sagem MYC4-2 140usd Sagem MYC5-2 140usd Sagem MYS-7 140usd Sagem MYV-55 140usd Sagem MYX1-2 150usd Sagem MYX-2 150usd Sagem MYX2-2 150usd Sagem MYX-3 150usd Sagem MYX3-2 150usd Sagem MYX-4 150usd Sagem MYX5-2 150usd Sagem MYX-6 150usd Sagem MYX6-2 150usd Sagem MYX-7 150usd Sagem MYX-8 150usd Sagem MYZ-5 150usd Sagem MYZ-55 150usd Samsung Mobile Phones Samsung A300 120usd Samsung A800 120usd Samsung C100 120usd Samsung C120 120usd Samsung D410 120usd Samsung D500 120usd Samsung D520 120usd Samsung D600 2600usd Samsung D800 2600usd Samsung D820 250usd Samsung D830 270usd Samsung D900 280usd Samsung E300 120usd Samsung E310 120usd Samsung E330 120usd Samsung E330N120usd Samsung E350 120usd Samsung E370 135usd Samsung E400 135usd Samsung E530 135usd Samsung E600 135usd Samsung E630 135usd Samsung E700 135usd Samsung E710 135usd Samsung E720 135usd Samsung E760 135usd Samsung E770 135usd Samsung E800 135usd Samsung E810 135usd Samsung E820 135usd Samsung E870 135usd Samsung E900 135usd Samsung i300 135usd Samsung N500 135usd Samsung N620 150usd Samsung P300 150usd Samsung P400 150usd Samsung P510 150usd Samsung S300 150usd Samsung S400i 150usd Samsung S500i 150usd Samsung Serene 150usd Samsung T100 150usd Samsung V200 150usd Samsung X450 150usd Samsung X460 150usd Samsung X480 150usd Samsung X600 150usd Samsung X640 150usd Samsung X660 150usd Samsung X820 150usd Samsung Z107V 150usd Samsung Z130 150usd Samsung Z140 150usd Samsung Z300 150usd Samsung Z320i 150usd Samsung Z400 150usd Samsung Z500 150usd Samsung Z510 150usd Samsung ZM60 150usd Sharp Mobile Phones Sharp 550SH 130usd Sharp 703 130usd Sharp 770SH 130usd Sharp 902 130usd Sharp 903 130usd Sharp GX1 130usd Sharp GX10 130usd Sharp GX10i 150usd Sharp GX15 150usd Sharp GX17 150usd Sharp GX20 150usd Sharp GX25 150usd Sharp GX29 150usd Sharp GX30 150usd Sharp GX30i 150usd Sharp TM100 150usd Siemens Mobile Phones Siemens AL21 130usd Siemens C62 130usd Siemens C65 130usd Siemens C75 130usd Siemens CF110 130usd Siemens CF75 130usd Siemens CFX65 130usd Siemens CL75 130usd Siemens CX65 130usd Siemens CX75 130usd Siemens M55 130usd Siemens M65 130usd Siemens M75 130usd Siemens MC60 130usd Siemens ME75 130usd Siemens S65 130usd Siemens S75 130usd Siemens SF65 130usd Siemens SFG75 130usd Siemens SK65 130usd Siemens SL55 130usd Siemens SL65 130usd Siemens SL75 130usd Siemens SP65 130usd Siemens SX1 130usd Siemens SXG75 130usd Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones Sony Ericsson D750i 130usd Sony Ericsson F500i 130usd Sony Ericsson J100i 130usd Sony Ericsson J210i 130usd Sony Ericsson J220i 130usd Sony Ericsson J230i 130usd Sony Ericsson J300i 130usd Sony Ericsson K300i 130usd Sony Ericsson K310i 130usd Sony Ericsson K500i 130usd Sony Ericsson K508i 130usd Sony Ericsson K510i 130usd Sony Ericsson K600i 230usd Sony Ericsson K608i 230usd Sony Ericsson K610i 230usd Sony Ericsson K700i 250usd Sony Ericsson K750i 250usd Sony Ericsson K790i 250usd Sony Ericsson K800i 250usd Sony Ericsson M600i 340usd Sony Ericsson P800 150usd Sony Ericsson P900 160usd Sony Ericsson P910i 290usd Sony Ericsson P990i 290usd Sony Ericsson S700i 150usd Sony Ericsson T230 150usd Sony Ericsson T290i 150usd Sony Ericsson T300 150usd Sony Ericsson T310 150usd Sony Ericsson T610 150usd Sony Ericsson T630 150usd Sony Ericsson T68i 150usd Sony Ericsson V600i 150usd Sony Ericsson V630i 150usd Sony Ericsson V800 150usd Sony Ericsson W300i 240usd Sony Ericsson W550i 240usd Sony Ericsson W700i 250usd Sony Ericsson W800i 270usd Sony Ericsson W810i 270usd Sony Ericsson W850i 280usd Sony Ericsson W900i 300usd Sony Ericsson W950i 310usd Sony Ericsson Z200 220usd Sony Ericsson Z300i 225usd Sony Ericsson Z520i 235usd Sony Ericsson Z530i 235usd Sony Ericsson Z550i 245usd Sony Ericsson Z600 265usd Sony Ericsson Z710i 275usd Sony Ericsson Z800i 280usd T-Mobile Mobile Phones T-Mobile MDA Compact II 140usd T-Mobile MDA Pro 130usd T-Mobile MDA Vario 150usd T-Mobile SDA II 160usd SideKick I $120 SideKick II $140 SideKick III $160 I-Mate JAM 128MB $210 I-Mate JAM $190 I-Mate JAMin $220 I-Mate JASJAR Quadband $350 I-Mate K-Jam QuadBand $240 I-Mate Smartflip QB. $250 I-Mate SP5 $140 TomTom Mobile 5 $290 TomTom GO GPS Car Navigation System $280 TomTom Navigator 5 Bluetooth GPS $270 TomTom Mobile GPS for Smartphones $260 Apple Ipod 60Gb $140 Apple Ipod 30Gb $120 Apple Ipod nano 4Gb $100 Email:gxsale02@yahoo.com or momodu400@yahoo.com.com mobile phone# 2348053495248

City ikeja
Price $120.00
Phone 2348053495248
Email gxsale02@yahoo.com
Category Electronics: Mobile Audio & Video

Nr.: 18528, Date: 10/10/2006

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