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A+ is offering Refinance Mortgage leads of all kinds, such as , internet,Live Transfers, and telemarketed mortgage leads.We offer both English and Spanish refinance mortgage leads nationwide.We generate our own internet refinance leads and don't buy from other vendors which is common.We offer exclusive,semi, and aged refinance leads.We have Live Transfers and a few differnet kinds of these. Read Below.My new site is up but halfway finished.

A+ Action Leads
Tony Hedrick
10120 Adams Ave. Ste .D
Huntington Beach, CA. 92646
714-552-4244 or

$15.00-$8 each Exclusive Voice Broadcast Leads Acâ?¬â?oSPANISH IS NOW AVAIL.. Same Price!Refinance or Purchase
Pay internet lead prices for INBOUND Live Transfer Leads! For only $15-$8/call, our new system puts your loan officers in direct contact with live borrowers! New automated Voice Broadcast technology allows our company to bring this revolutionary process to you for a fraction of what other companies are charging for Live TransferAcâ?¬â?cs.
Filter who the calls are made to by State in either English or Spanish
Have inbound calls during business hours only, and transfer calls to cell phones if you want! All Voice Broadcast Transfers are 100% Exclusive. Contact me at the number below for more detailed information!
With good L/O's there getting more than 40% apps.

We're now able to automatically generate inbound phone calls to your loan officers. Consumers calling your office will be pre-filtered to your exact specifications. You will have an excellent idea of who will be calling before they call.

Using newly developed technology, our Voice Broadcast lead generation program utilizes our vast 25 million record database. Once your list has been checked against the national Acâ?¬A?Do Not CallAcâ?¬A? list, we record an automated message for your company.

After your approval, we broadcast this message for you during hours you choose. If the consumer is interested, they press one and are immediately connected to your loan officer. By pressing two, they are removed from our lists.

All calls are recorded and stored for you in an accessible Acâ?¬A?Call Library.Acâ?¬A? We encourage the continued use of this one of a kind training tool. Loan officers with useful resources at their finger tips close more loans. ItAcâ?¬â?cs time for you to have a reliable connection to consumers that NEED your services.
Minimum Buy, 100 Hot Transfers prepaid
Acâ?¬Âc Any State or area codes
Acâ?¬Âc Capacity to take a minimum of 5 Hot Transfers per day

Any change from the filters above will require special pricing.

Requirements: Dedicated main phone line and email address..

Note: All Hot Transfer leads are 100% exclusive.

Voice Broadcast Demo Site


*** NEW ***Voice Broadcast 60 Second Lead $40 each, ***BEST LEAD In My OPINION!**
Same as above but ,you only pay for the calls that remain on the line for at least 60 seconds .Anything less and you donAcâ?¬â?ct pay for.. A great lead !You can tell in that amount of time who is a serious borrower. Min 50 leads. Ask for samples of recordings.
This generation system can be used in numerous marketing campaigns in other industries such as debt, time share , vacation packages, automobile,insurance and more.
This works great and keeps those phones ringing and the cash flowing.
YouAcâ?¬â?cll be more than happy with these leads.

Internet Leads

California only $60 Refinance LEADS
This lead is generated from internet sites and banners . As they come in they are called upon and verified from a called center in America and verified and made sure that the borrower is really interested in a loan.
Once everything is verified and itAcâ?¬â?cs a great lead , it is then transferred to you right away within minutes of them applying . You get it via email.

$25-$20 semi exclusive -Like the ones above except sold twice as exclusives and then to you only, that same day.

***SPECIAL*** : 7th Day : This lead is sold to Ameriquest and another company as a semi.After the 7th day it is up for grabs. They are cost effective and great for training and keeping your LOS busy all of the time. The quantities and states you want will affect your pricing.
It's better price wise , if you can go multiple states.. We can set perimeters . A couple of very large Mortgage Company's are currently using these leads with their staff of 100 plus L/O's and happy.
$8 and can go down as low as $5 per lead.

****Special***14-60 Day Same as above, except the leads are older .A good to close deals because a lot of L/O's have stopped calling the borrower by now and is ripe for the taking. And at this price its a steal...Depending on states and perimeters and quantity .This lead starts out at the nice cheap price of
$3.00 and can easily go down to $1.00 per lead

Call Center Verified Leads
Prices can be lower based on volumeAc�¦Wholesale Pricing avail.
Semi Exclusive
Acâ?¬Âc Sold 3 times
Acâ?¬Âc Orders delivered approx. 2:00 pst.
Acâ?¬Âc Minimum order of 50
Single verified all states: $20 each
Single verified CA: $30 each
Double verified (blue) all states: $30 each
No CA double verified
Add $5 for each filter: exclude one credit, loan amount (max $150,000 loan amount), LTV (max 80% LTV)

Call center leads only
Acâ?¬Âc Orders delivered approx. 12:00 pst.
Acâ?¬Âc Not resold for a minimum of 7 days
Acâ?¬Âc Minimum order of 30
Single verified all states: $60 each
Single verified CA: $75 each
Double verified all states: $80 each
No CA double verified
Add $5 for each filter: exclude one credit, loan amount (max $150,000 loan amount), LTV (max 80% LTV)

These leads are generated by call reps in a call center in Mexico using our supplied mortgage data. Leads are generated nationwide for refinancing mortgage leads.
Most reps speak English and Spanish and the borrowers are Spanish speaking and verified. Prices are as follows below.
Semi-Exclusives $25 We offer semi exclusive Spanish speaking .These are Spanish speaking customers. These are generated by a call center in Mexico using mortgage data nationwide.

Exclusive $ 45 Same as above .Sold to you exclusively and only sold to you...

NEW!!!!***$80 SPANISH SPEAKING Live Transfer via phone from a Mexican bi-lingual call center transferred to you with the borrower on the phone and a log on system for all the borrowers information while speaking to them.

****LIVE HOT TRANSFER English via Phone $75.00-$100.00 Refinance Lead or Purchase Depending on Quantity (MIN.25) ****
This lead is contacted by a telemarketer (Actual Loan Officer) using a script and representing only your company.
They are asked questions based on you criteria and perimeters that you and your company sets. When they thoroughly qualified then the call is transferred directly to your phone and you and the customer are on the phone at the same time. If the customer doesnAcâ?¬â?ct meet the criteria or perimeters set by you and your company , the call is not transferred. This lead is exclusive for your company only! No other company receives this lead. A guarantee can be provided.
We need as many states as possible and no California only!
***Consumer initiated.
Acâ?¬Âc Mortgage Marketing Data AS LOW AS .02 PER RECORD

Marketing: I can do marketing for your company. I can get you listed under various search terms with a high ranking on Google for as low as $500 to start!

Mortgage Company Website Design: We can now offer web design for a professional looking mortgage website . We have great rates.
Quality guaranteed!

Sincerely ,
Tony Hedrick
Please email me what youAcâ?¬â?cre looking for in perimeters leads,, states, etc...

City Huntington Beach, CA. 92646
Phone 714-552-4244
Category Services: Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Credit

Nr.: 18208, Date: 9/5/2006

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