sidekick 3 for just $120usd Nokia n93 for just $200usd

we have all kind of mobile phones for sale.we have all kind of Brand
new nokia, Brand new sony ericsson, samsung, motorola, nextel,qtek,
benq, os and all kind of mobile phones. our mobile phones are:-
chargers - usb data cables - holsters/belt clips - wireless
headsets(bluetooth) - leather and non-leather carrying cases -
batteries.ifyou are interested, forward your questions and enquires to
us via email with your order and shipping details. we give 1 year
warranty for every phone sold out to our costumers, our phones are
company class 1 tested and approved by global standard organization of
wireless industries, Brand new phones with complete accessories, extra
charger and battery.serious buyers should
1) Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies
2) Brand new gsm phones (this includes accessories, manuals,
softwareand boxes)
2) unlocked / sim free.
3) Brand new gsm phones (this includes accessories, manuals,
4) all material (software, manual) - car chargers - home
5) all phones have english language asdefault
Contact Person:alisha
phone number:2348053207114

Nokia n93 $200usd
Nokia 7710 120usd
Nokia 6680 180usd
Nokia 8800 140usd
Nokia 6680 110usd
Nokia 6681 180usd
Nokia n90 120usd
Nokia n91 150usd
Nokia n70 180usd
Nokia 6060 100usd
Nokia 6111 160usd
Nokia 3200 $90usd
Nokia 3300 $95usd
Nokia 3660 $95usd
Nokia 5100 $100usd
Nokia 5140 $100usd
Nokia 6100 $100usd
Nokia 6108 $100usd
Nokia 6220 $120usd
Nokia 6230 $120usd
Nokia 6230i $125usd
Nokia 6260 $120usd
Nokia 6270 $130usd
Nokia 6600 $125usd
Nokia 6630 $125usd
Nokia 6610 $115usd
Nokia 6610i $115sd
Nokia 6650 $120usd
Nokia 6670 smart phone $100usd
Nokia 6820 $110
Nokia 7200 $125usd
Nokia 7210 110usd
Nokia 3230 110usd
Nokia 7610 180usd
Nokia 9300 1800usd
Nokia 7250 70usd
Nokia 7250i 115usd
Nokia 7260 120usd
Nokia 7200 100usd
Nokia 7600i 100usd
Nokia 7610 152usd
Nokia 8910i 110usd
Nokia 8910iA?A?c..110usd
Nokia 9210i communicator 120usd
Nokia 9500 communicator160usd
Nokia 9300 communicator..180usd
Nokia 6020 tri-bank edge gsm/gprs $224.99
Nokia 7610 tri-band gsm/gprs $324.99
Nokia 9500 tri-band pda gsm/gprs $724.99
Nokia 6822 gsm/gprs phone $274.99
Nokia n-gage 110usd
Nokia n-gage qd.140usd

Motorola a388c 130usd
Motorola a760 .150usd
Motorola a768 120usd
Motorola a768i 150usd
Motorola a780 200usd
Motorola c550A?A? 90usd
Motorola c650 100usd
Motorola e365 100usd
Motorola e398 100usd
Motorola i860 $100usd
Motorola Mpx 300 $100usd
Motorola Mpx 220 $140usd
Motorola V6 $180usd
Motorola e680 340usd
Motorola razor v3 100usd
Motorola v220 120usd
Motorola v303 100usd
Motorola v400 100usd
Motorola v500 100usd
Motorola v501 100usd
Motorola v525 100usd
Motorola v600 (oem) w/ Bluetooth headset 160usd
Motorola v600 oem 150usd
Motorola v690 120usd
Motorola v750 130usd
Motorola v80 150usd
Motorola v80 with Bluetooth 160usd
Motorola v872 1500usd
Motorola v878 130usd
Motorola v300 100usd
Nextel 6510TM-- US$110
Nextel i730-- US$85
Nextel i733-- US$95
Nextel i736-- US$100
Nextel i830-- US$110
Nextel i860-- US$120
Nextel i930-- US$130


Samsung d500 110usd
Samsung e600 80usd
Samsung e800 20usd
Samsung p510 100usd
Samsung sgh-d410 $170usd
Samsung sgh-e700 $100usd
Samsung sgh-e715 $110usd
Samsung sgh-p100 $100usd
Samsung sgh-p400 $95usd
Samsung sgh-p408 $130usd
Samsung sgh-p730 $100usd
Samsung sgh-s200 $90usd
Samsung sgh-s300 $70usd
Samsung sgh-s300m $100usd
Samsung sgh-s500 100usd
Samsung sgh-v200 110usd
Samsung sgh-x400 100usd
Samsung sgh-x430 100usd
Samsung sgh-x600 100usd
Samsung x450 100usd
Samsung SCH-i730 $100usd
Samsung SPH-i500 $100usd
Samsung p777 $100usd
Samsung SPH-i330 $115usd
Samsung SCH-A890 . $110usd

Sony ericsson

Sony ericsson k500i 100usd
Sony Ericsson p800 160usd
Sony Ericsson p900 150usd
Sony Ericsson p910 100usd
Sony Ericsson t230 80usd
Sony Ericsson t310 80usd
Sony Ericsson t610 100usd
Sony Ericsson z1010 340usd
Sony Ericsson z600 100usd
Sony ericssson t630 100usd
Sony Ericsson s700i 100usd
Sony Ericsson s750i 150usd
Sony Ericsson W800i $165usd
Tomtom Navigator PDA For $300
I-Mate Pocket PC.....320
i-mate PDA2k..$337
i-mate JAM......$340
i-mate JASJAR.....$340
Kinpo iDo S600.....$330.
BenQ P31........$330
BenQ M350......$339
BenQ M315......$322
BenQ Z2.......$311
BenQ P30......$324
BenQ P50.....$321

Apple 2 GB iPod Nano......................50 USD
Apple 4 GB iPod Nano......................60 USD
Apple 30 GB iPod Vidoe...................110 USD
Apple 60 GB iPod Vidoe...................150 USD
play station 1......... $120
play station 2 ....$130
play station 3.....$150
x_box 360.........$200
GARMIN 396........$150
SIDEKICK 3 for just.................................... $120 usd
Mobile Sidekick II.......................................$110 usd
ProTop 2 Piece Hardtop Suzuki Vitara / Chevy Tracker.....$100 usd
Sidekick II Cell Phone for 120usd
T-Mobile Sidekick 2 NOW with Service for 100usd
T-Mobile To Go Prepaid Sidekick II for 100usd
Sidekick II for T-Mobile with new service Plan 130usd
T-Mobile Sidekick II T-Mobile Replacement Phone for 110 usd
AND MANY MORE OF CHOICES.................................
Contact Person:alisha
phone number:2348053207114

City lagos
Price 129,200
Phone +2348053207114
Category Electronics: Cellular Telephones

Nr.: 18018, Date: 8/4/2006

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