Find 1:1 practical hands-on training sessions with sound healing classes Hawaii

Come to Hawaii Healing Sound School and register at their sound healing classes Hawaii to learn using applied frequency for improving deep listening skills, while bringing in increased flexibility and relaxation. Among the different acoustic healing sessions offered are the Tuning forks for Life Transitions using the Brain Tuner set of 5 forks, Tuning Forks Class Level 3 DNA frequencies, Vocal Opening and Sound Healing Classes Level 1, Tuning Fork Level 4, and others. These sessions are provided online in 1:1 and small group hands-on training classes using tuning forks, crystal bowls, gongs, and other sound healing instruments. This unique applied frequency medicine helps to release sinus blockage, reduce joint and muscle pains, balance the neuroendocrine system, and enhance cognition while removing depression through increased relaxation. Get to know more at:

City Honolulu
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Category Health & Fitness: Relaxation & Therapy

Nr.: 118306, Date: 6/29/2022

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