$400 in Tupperware - Only $79.99 gets you started Right Away!

*** Exclusive Tupperware Consultant Private Sale ***
75% Off Tupperware Sale & Free Shipping!
WORK FROM HOME as a Tupperware Consultant Sell Tupperware today!
$400.00 in Tupperware - Only $79.99 gets you started!

No home parties required!

No Tupperware rallies to attend!

No high pressure sales!

All new consultant training & support available online!


You'll love owning your own Tupperware business. Selling Tupperware is easy, fun, and rewarding. No pressure. No minimums. No obligation. We don't have to convince you to sell our products... they sell themselves! Contact us and find out more about becoming a Tupperware consultant today! Nationwide Opportunities!

Tupperware is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. As with any new business, the greater the effort, the greater the profit.

The opportunity is there nonetheless. And your potential as a Tupperware consultant is unlimited.

Tupperware is a quality product that America loves to buy. It sells itself. With a little effort, you can earn a significant income each month as a personal Tupperware consultant.

And now you can become a Tupperware business owner and work in your preferred area of Bridal, Home Parties, Fundraising, or Recruiting, or any combinination of these Tupperware opportunities.

We are looking for professionals to work in these areas:

Tupperware Bridal Consultants

Tupperware Home Party Consultants

Tupperware Fundraising Consultants

Tupperware Recruiters

The Tupperware Party Today:

The Tupperware Party has really changed over the years in order to accommodate busy lifestyles and changing eating habits.

Here are just some of the Tupperware Party Ideas that will profit your Tupperware Consultant business:

The Tupperware Office Party - ask the receptionist, secretary or office manager of any business office to host a Tupperware party and they will be rewarded with free Tupperware! You earn the sales commission.

The Taste of Tupperware Party- use Tupperware's recipes and have a cooking demonstration using Tupperware products to prepare the meal. Easy and fun! Always great sales!

The Online Tupperware Party - Send an automated invitation to everyone in your address book, asking them to join your Tupperware online party! You automatically receive credit and commission for sales generated from your Tupperware party!


The Tupperware Catalog Party - Don't want to party? Pass out Tupperware catalogs and collect the orders. Easy sales and no pressure on the customers.

As you can see, with a little creativity you can earn a significant income as a Tupperware Consultant with a variety of sales opportunities.

Don't Want To Do Parties?
We will train you as a Tupperware Bridal Consultant, a Tupperware Fundraising Consultant, or a Tupperware Consultant Recruiter.

Contact brides in your area and introduce them to the Tupperware Gift Registry and the Tupperware Bridal Shower. You earn 25% commission on sales from their Tupperware gift registry. Fun!

Schools and non-profit organizations are looking for new products to sell during their fundraising campaigns and Tupperware has just what they're looking for. Join our Tupperware team and we'll train you as a Fundraising Coordinator. You earn 25% commission on the company share of Tupperware sales.

We need you to help us build our national team of Tupperware Consultants by recruiting persons in your local area into the Tupperware business. Through advertising and word of mouth, you can introduce others to the home sales opportunities with Tupperware and when they join our company as a Tupperware consultant, you earn money. You can start your own Tupperware Consultant Team and earn even more!

Need more?
You may want to consider a management position with Tupperware. Managers can earn $5000 or more each month plus free vehicles, vacations, incentives, and more. To qualify for Tupperware management, you will need to recruit and manage a team of Tupperware consultants who will work under your leadership. We will teach you how!

Once registered as a Tupperware Consultant, you'll receive:

A large selection of new Tupperware® products... worth the investment even if you never sell a Tupperware product! The Tupperware products are yours to keep or resell for profit!

Professional Tupperware business supplies including Tupperware catalogs and order forms.

Step-by-step training materials that show you how to get started with your Tupperware business.

Tupperware virtual meetings giving you an opportunity to hear about the latest Tupperware product specials, host promotions, and consultant incentives as well as ask questions about the Tupperware business as you get started.

Live phone support from an experienced Tupperware Director to ensure your Tupperware business gets off to a great start!

25% off all of your personal Tupperware purchases.

A 30-day FREE trial on a personal Tupperware Consultant shopping website. Earn 25% commission on sales generated at your personal Tupperware website!

Access to the Tupperware online office where you will find all the tools, updates, and information you need to keep up-to-date with all the details of your Tupperware business.

We look forward to adding YOU to our national team of winning Tupperware Consultants!


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